Celebrate Google’s 19th Birthday with Surprise Spinner


Celebrate 19th Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

What is so special about today? It is the birthday of your favourite search engine giant, Google. Google birthday surprise spinner is the way this search engine is celebrating its successful journey of 19 years.

When you go to the Google homepage, you will find this latest doodle. This doodle comes up with 19 surprises. These surprises are not new but a collection of the best doodles from the past.

But, Snake game is the latest addition amongst these 19 surprises. To play this game, just tap the spinner and wait for the spinner to stop. When the spinner stops, you have two options either you can choose to play or again spin it.

Here is a pickup, some of the doodles have been improved and now you can fiddle with them on full screen. Keep spinning as you will definitely find the doodle that matches your interest.

Don’t think too much; head to Google birthday surprise spinner and explore the best surprises. So, celebrate the Google’s birthday in a special way.

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