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Our creative minds generate rich ideas that are innovative, unique and constructive.

Nifty Online is a web service and solutions provider with over 20 years of experience. We provide services in web and application development, designing, mobile app development, and user experience design.





We create bespoke solutions for our clients through our innovative and collective approach.

We base our service on the simple philosophy of always putting our customers first. This means that before we start any projects, we discuss what your needs are and how you would like our team to approach them.

Nifty was originally founded by a group who wanted to work differently - away from cultural norms - building relationships and partnerships not just for today but for the future as well. So whether you're a startup looking for marketing and design resources or running a large-scale website or enterprise project; we're here to help.

The original idea for Nifty was something like "a million monkeys at a million typewriters" so we could instantly come up with a solution for any design problem thrown our way. From freelance designers to full-time staff members, we're not just another templated web design company - we create powerful websites and software applications that boost your business results like few other companies can do.

Nifty has offices in Agra, Noida and Bombay in India. We have our global offices in Australia, Sweden, USA, UK and Dubai.

We work with great urgency to accommodate all our client needs and exceed expectations at every step of the way!

Inspired by the core principles of being Agile and customer centric, we bring together technology, creativity and people to deliver rich digital experiences. Designed for the future, developed by the best.

We are a managed service provider that not just deals in website design and development but also in hosting, domain management and secured hosting services. We work with high-end clients and offer unmatched full-service solutions to our customers.

At Nifty, we believe that an innovative idea, combined with an eye-catching aesthetic, can do wonders and in the far past 8 years it has been the reason why so many of our clients have seen their business growth skyrocket.