Corporate email solutions

Grow your business with every email you send

We have years of experience in providing efficient and reliable business email hosting services.

Whether you have a few or a huge number of mailboxes running for your business, Nifty is capable of managing it all for you. We have a team of email experts having years of hands-on experience in providing corporate email services to companies.

Importance of email communication for a business

In any business, communication is an important factor in any aspect whether it is planning, organizing, etc. In today's world business communication relies heavily on email. Emails are an effective way to interact with clients, customers, employees as well as your potential customers. The information you send through email keeps a record of the transactions of all your emails, that can be very helpful for future reference which is not possible through phone calls or any other mode of communication.

Another reason for the email's importance in business communication is that you can keep an eye on your business even if you are away from your workplace. How good or bad a business’ email communication is, directly or indirectly has an effect on it’s growth, client / business relations & its future. And it takes an experienced email provider to suitably customize email folders, signatures, etc.

Why do you need an email solutions provider?

With growing importance for managing business communications, more and more companies are now realizing that running an in-house mail solution is not really feasible in the long run. Given the constant upgrades and management that an email server demands, it’s quite a hassled process to manage & administer the whole thing. This gives rise to the need of opting for corporate email services. We provide email solutions that are fast, secure and dependable.

Benefits of using using our corporate email services:


We understand the need of businesses to constantly have access to their email communications. With our business email solutions in place, your users can access their email using a desktop client, a mobile phone or web browser.

Also we take all the necessary steps to keep your email private with a strict ad-free policy. Apart from providing best in class business email solutions, our team is always just a call away to provide you active support.

With our anti spam & anti virus protection features in place, you can be assured of a spam- free & virus-free inbox. We leave you free to only manage your business while we take care of your emails.