Panchhi Petha

Retail eCommerce Solution

Petha is better known as “Panchi Petha” all over the world. It is one of the oldest brands of Petha globally. Although they had 4 Brick and Mortar showrooms in Agra, demand from all over India was pouring in regularly. They were looking for an ecommerce partner who would do the technology implementation, inventory management, warehousing, packaging, fulfillment, returns, customer support for them.

An ecommerce site was developed and digital media promotion was done accordingly. For inventory management POS were installed in their offline showrooms so that actual inventory status was always available. The main challenge was modifying the packaging of the product so that it could survive the journey from warehouse to food connoisseur’s table. Logistics was also a major challenge since Petha is a perishable product hence it should be delivered in maximum 72 hours across the country.

On receipt of orders a demand note was sent to the main warehouse and our team used to pack the product in bubble film and wrap it securely in stretch film. The logistics team took over from here. They used to track each packet individually and ensured timely deliveries.