Domain Management & Hosting Service

Domain management is a key element of protecting your brand in today’s digital world.

Our domain name management process secures your domain portfolio from external threats and makes sure all domain names have current registration.

It's not an exaggeration to say that your domain name is your business. Weak domain management can lead to all kinds of problems for your business, including cybersquatting, business impersonation, and loss of sales.
  • Cybercriminals exploit weak domain security to degrade brand reputation
  • Domain protection reduces internal risks like domain registration expirations and external risks like cybersquatting
  • A strong brand protection strategy includes domain name management

Our domain name management process secures your domain portfolio from external threats and makes sure all domain names have current registration.

Keep in mind, a domain is not the same as a website. Domain is the name of a website and therefore gives it identity. People can only find your website with a URL that contains the correct domain name. Think of the domain name registration as the key that allows customers to access a company’s website. Even the most extensive website can be taken offline if there’s a problem with the domain.

Since domain names need to be renewed annually, domain name management isn’t always the most pressing issue on the minds of company leadership. However, it’s easy for a domain to lapse if a company bank card has changed or an IT person left and forgot to share the credentials for the domain registrar.

Businesses can protect their domains from falling into the wrong hands by proactively renewing them. However, there’s another part to domain protection: monitoring the web for external threats.

Today, a domain name is just as important as the business name itself. Your domain establishes your brand online, and you don’t want to lose reputation or customers to bad actors who take advantage of it. As more businesses set up shop online, cybercriminals search for weak domain security to exploit.

A good strategy can help keep your domains online and running smoothly, and that means your customers will trust in your website. At Nifty, we offer a wide range of services to help you keep your brand safe.

Hosting Services
From simple brochure sites to advanced e-commerce systems, we provide the features and speed you and your visitors need. Whether your web site is critical to your enterprise, or just a personal endeavor, your site should be responsive to visitors and always available. Nifty hosts websites for some of the most demanding customers. We capably maintain and manage web services to keep these customer’s sites up and running, and performing efficiently around the clock.

Go-daddy and other hosting companies charge low rates, and their customers get what they pay for. They host thousands of web sites on a single server, leading to very slow performance. When there is a problem, emailing them is the only way to contact them because they do not have any live techs. Bottom barrel price for bottom of the line service.

We are different, if you ever have a problem you call and talk to us. A real, living person helps you! We also monitor the servers 24/7, so we usually know if there is a problem before you do.